In a lengthy and heart-warming social media post Norma Gigaba has encouraged women to support each other more.

Norma who often shares words of wisdom with her followers tackled the need for women to uplift each other more in her most recent post.
"The world is a scary place when it's easier to put on a mask to convince everyone around you that you are okay and have it all figured out than it is to reach out and ask someone for help due to fear of being judged or rejected," Norma said.
She added that too many women were suffering in silence due to the fear of being judged, and that it was the responsibility of other women to help.
"The world needs more love & light and less judgement and hate. As women we must love, help and support one another," she added.
Norma went on to add that it was important to relate to women from all walks of life, and look past the physical barrier that they may put up.