THEY SIT at the side of the road hoping to get piece work – and they’re willing to do anything.

Mostly they get paid for gardening or cleaning.


“When you get to the house of the lady who picked you from the other men, she will park the car and call you inside the house,” said one of the men who sits by the side of the R521 Dendron road in Polokwane, Limpopo.

“Then suddenly she is all over you. This temptation is very hard for a man to resist, especially if you get paid for it.

“It has been happening for more than two years now,” said a man who lives in Disteneng squatter camp.

While back-breaking gardening work is worth about R75 or R150 an hour, taking care of the needs of rich, horny women from the suburbs of Polokwane is much more rewarding.

The men claim that a man who is strong and good looking can make anything between R300 and R600 per hour.

A job-seeker told Daily Sun after losing his job he started going to the side of the road, and getting more than he bargained for.

“I have been to very many houses of these rich ladies.

“I don’t mind because it puts food on the table for my kids,” he said.

“It’s hard seeing your kids going to sleep on empty stomachs, and if there is a way to put food on the table for my kids, I do it.”

Though they have wives who know they don’t have stable jobs, they don’t want their wives to find out.

Petros Modiba (49) from Mmotong Wa Perekisi said things are not so easy for him.

“You can see that I’m not young and not very good looking.

“When I get picked up it’s for a real job that doesn’t pay much. I wouldn’t mind being picked to go bonk a rich woman on her bed.”

A 47-year-old businesswoman known to Daily Sun said she always picks up men there.

She said she heard about it from her friends at a party and decided to give it a try.

“I don’t have time for relationships. Most men will exploit you in the name of love while the only reason they are with you is because of your money.

“It’s better if I do it with someone who won’t want my phone number or have expectations.
I always avoid taking the same man as I’m afraid of attachment, so I choose a different guy every time.”

She said some of the women are married and have husbands who travel a lot on business, or they are no longer interested or able to do the job in bed.