KWAITO star Mshoza was fuming when she posted the picture of a woman she claimed she caught between the sheets with her man.

“I used to call her a business friend but today I found her in bed with my man. She befriends women with rich men and then sleeps with them,” said Mshoza in an Instagram and Facebook post, which she later deleted.

Mshoza, whose real name is Nomasonto Maswanganyi, named the accused woman as Nonto Mbuyane from Swaziland.

However, Nonto has denied the allegation.

She said: “There’s no way I could have slept with Mshoza’s man. I was in Swaziland when she posted the picture. I don’t know where the accusation comes from,” said Nonto.

According to Nonto, Mshoza owes her R10 000 for skin bleaching and beauty products that she sells.

“She has owed me money for a long time,” said Nonto. “Now suddenly I slept with her man? How? Why didn’t she post a picture of us in bed then?

Nonto said Mshoza took products from her without paying.

“Giving stock without money is not something I usually do, but I trusted her and thought she would pay me. Instead, she has been dodging me ever since.

“I even resorted to asking her husband to pay for her. That’s the only time I’ve spoken to her man.”

Mshoza denies owing Nonto any money, despite screen shots of her conversations with Nonto promising to pay her back. She also said: “My man and I are fine.”