TV AND RADIO personality Luyanda Potwana runs his life by faith – and he’s living his dream!

He has always had his eye on hosting a reality show about love and relationships.

And he will soon grace our TV screens in the brand new season of Nyan’ Nyan’.

The relationship talk show returns on 7 February, and Luyanda’s excited to be back.

Speaking to SunBuzz, he said each week, stories will unravel more issues.

“We’ve been shooting the fifth season and I can tell you there will be more content, more emotion and more issues reflecting society,” Luyanda said.

He said his ambition to host a relationship talk show was inspired by watching All You Need is Love in the early 2000s.

“I always enjoyed the show and saw myself doing something similar as I was already working towards getting into TV and radio.

“The thing about me is I set goals and make it my mission to see them through,” said the 35-year-old.

He added that it’s exciting, yet humbling, to see Nyan’ Nyan’ hitting the number one trend on social media every time it airs.

“People watch the show for various reasons, but I hope they’re also learning and taking something in with each story.”

The East London-born personality has been open about his plans to move to the US.

“I have the same attitude about living in the US as I did when I moved to Joburg.

“I came with an attitude to conquer and that’s what I’ll do in America. The hustler in me won’t let me succumb to any fears,” he said.

He told the People’s Paper he will continue with radio and TV work and return to Mzansi in 2042 when he’s 60 years old!
) Catch Luyanda Potwana as he helps Mzansi reveal love truths in Nyan’ Nyan’ , returning to SABC1 on 7 February at 6pm