Just hours after Lundi's death was confirmed on Friday morning, pastor Mboro shared intimate details from his visit to the gospel star in hospital earlier this month. Mboro told TshisaLIVE that the gospel star had "called for him".
"There weren't many people who were allowed to see him (in hospital) but he called for me specifically. When I arrived, he embraced me. The way he welcomed me was just amazing. We spoke and he asked me to pray for him. To leave him with a blessing. He immediately showed signs of life. I could see that everything was not well but we were hopeful," Mboro said.

Mboro added that he was extremely saddened by the news of Lundi's death but was comforted in knowing that he had helped bring him closer to God.
"It (news of his death) was a massive shock to me. I could not believe it at first but I was grateful that I could pray for him and bring him closer to the Lord.
"Knowing what he was going through, it is comforting to know that he is now with God and at rest. We are sad but I believe that Lundi is in heaven with the God he sang for," Mboro added.

Mboro also pledged to help the family give Lundi a respectful funeral. "I only met Lundi's family at the hospital. But if they need my support or assistance while planning his memorial or funeral, I would be happy to help," Mboro said.
Lundi died at Edenvale hospital in the early hours of Monday morning, after a battle with stomach TB and liver complications. The Ndixolele hitmaker was moved to ICU on Monday after his condition took a turn for the worse.