The family of South African gospel star Lundi Tyamara confirmed on Friday morning that he had died.
According to a press statement released by his management, Lundi died at 12:40 on Friday, 27 January at Edenvale Hospital where was being treated for TB of the stomach and a liver condition.
He was 38 years old.
"Lundi put up a gallant fight against his illness, but God's will prevailed. We ask that his fans, supporters and followers join us in celebrating his life. We will always remember him for how he brightened up our days with his God-given talent. Rest in peace Lundi," Anele Hlazo, his manager and family spokesman, said.
Details of Lundi's funeral will be communicated at a later stage.

1. How Deep Is the Delaware?
2. (Drone 1)
3. How Deep Is The Delaware
4. (épilogue)
5. Mphefumlo Wami
6. La tectonique des plaques
7. La rivière
8. 21-22
9. Songes égaux
10. Rares Sont Les Nomades
11. Out On the Water
12. Quatre choses
13. Une autre vie
14. La Nebbia
15. Le partage des eaux
16. Chutes-Lavie
17. A l'avenir
18. Ongqongqozayo
19. (qu'on oublie)
20. Cendres ascendantes
21. Axes
22. Les Grands soirs
23. Marie nulle part, Anne toujours
24. Thembela Kuye
25. Le Goût du jour
26. Tumelo Ke Thebe
27. Easier
28. Elizabeth Shadow
29. Soline : Haïku
30. Straight Ahead
31. Epris et repris
32. Mille Plateaux
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35. Nxolele
36. Devenir-nu
37. Mvuleleni Angene
38. Uthando Lukababa
39. Bulelani kuJehova
40. Moyo'yingcwele
41. Hlala Nami
42. Ngapha Na Ngapha
43. Nginike Amehlo
44. Unabantu
45. Abazalwane
46. Bulelani Ku Jehova
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