Lundi Tyamara's management team have confirmed that the gospel star is still recovering in hospital, despite fake news reports that Lundi had died.

Fans fell for a fake news report issued on Friday claiming the gospel star had died after being hospitalised for a month.
Questions have surrounded his hospitalisation, as his management refused to divulge details about his condition.
Drum magazine issued a statement from Lundi's management team, where details around his condition were revealed.
In it, the statement slams "misinformation and untruths".
"Lundi got sick after a trip to China in November. He didn't receive any medical attention because we believed that it was the Asian climate and diet that may have affected him negatively."
The singer was hospitalised for a few days and spent his 38th birthday in hospital.
He then returned to hospital and was diagnosed with stomach TB and liver problems.
"He also needed blood transfusion. He was in a bad shape. He has since become stable and shows encouraging signs of improvement as he gains more strength."