Many would recognise him as Kitt's (Brenda Ngxoli) best friend Pretty on's drama Hustle. Bereng, 24, says he loves playing Pretty because he is a trans-gender and not just another ordinary gay guy.
Hustle is on every Monday at 9.30pm.
He says the character depicts a young person who moves to Joburg to hustle and becomes a celebrity stylist. He then meets Kitt and they become best friends. Their friendship is so tight that Kitt offers to finance Pretty's medical process of becoming a woman.
Bereng studied drama at the Market Theatre. His big break came when he was cast in SABC2's Mamello.
"It was nerve-wrecking but exciting at the same time because it's a Sesotho drama and I play a 15-year-old straight boy," Bereng says.
Besides acting, Bereng is passionate about designing costumes. He says after graduating at 19, he shadowed a costume designer at the Market Theatre for two years.
Other facts about Bereng:
He is openly gay and is from Randfontein on the West Rand; his future plans include modelling overseas; his role model is former Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni; he would love to join's Scandal! one day because "I love the quality of their acting and storyline"