Khanyi Mbau has zero time to entertain haters and her clap backs are classic.

A storm quickly erupted in the comments section of Khanyi Mbau's Facebook page when she shared a meme about gold-diggers.
"Before you call a woman a 'gold-digger' ask yourself, do you even have gold?," Khanyi wrote next to a picture of herself.
Within minutes after Khanyi shared the post, the comments section was lit with differing opinions on the matter.
One follower was quickly schooled after bringing Khanyi's turbulent past into the conversation.
"We didn't even come with that content babe when you were riding and dating your father figure you had no problems. And when they called you names that time you didn't give a f**k so why you wanna fight now while its too late," wrote the user. 
But Khanyi wasted no time with her clap back.
"What do you want for knowing your South African history? A trophy?," questioned Khanyi.
Ouch! That must have stung.