Forget a million views in three months, Jub Jub's latest single Ke Kopa Tshwarelo (Please forgive me) was played over 350,000 times in the first five days of its release, making it one of the biggest songs in the country at the moment on YouTube.

The song, which was uploaded to YouTube only hours after the rapper was released from prison on parole last week, is currently sitting at 380,000 views and has often held a top five position on the local YouTube trends list.

According to the video's growth trends, the song gained the most traction in the first 24 hours after its release, accumulating 120,000 views. Its growth then slowed down to just over 50,000 views the following day and has remained relatively steady since.

The growth is impressive, and no doubt was helped by public interest and media coverage of the track, but how does it compare to previous big songs in the country?
Within the hip-hop genre
The official audio video of AKA's latest single was released four days after Jub Jub's song surfaced online and has been viewed 14,600 times.
Frank Casino and Riky Rick's latest single is another popular track within the genre. The track's music video has received 99,410 views in the first month of its release in December.
The music video for Da L.E.S's latest single has been viewed just under 114,000 times since its release early last month.
Outside of the hip-hop genre
Babes Wodumo set the benchmark for local music videos in June 2016 when her song was viewed over a million times in its first two months. By the third month the video had reached two million views. The video currently sits at over four million views on YouTube.
The group's latest single this week reached the one million mark, three months after its release in October last year.
The music video for King Monada's hit track has been doing well since its release in August 2016, accumulating 670,600 views.
The SABC Summer Song of the Year may have been a winner on radio but an audio recording posted on YouTube has only had 237,000 views since its release in September.
The music video for Dr Malinga's summer banger has been viewed 103,264 times since its release in November.
Looking at the success and growth of the video, we predict big things from Jub Jub in 2017!