Sunday TV is about to get even more interesting with the return of Ferguson Films most anticipated project, iGazi. productions that left most viewers with jaws on the floor with its talented cast and creatively written script, Igazi.
After the ending of season 1, many viewers were left with their jaws hanging after a riveting first season finale that saw Nomarussia's son wake up from the dead. 
The Executive Producer of iGazi, Connie Ferguson did mention to us that the cast would be getting back to work in January. We and many lovers of the TV drama couldn't be happier.
One of iGazi's  actors, Zenande Mfenyane shared a picture herself with Anga Makubalo who also plays a lead role in the drama on social media '1st day back on set with this guy' she captioned it. 
Anga Makubalo who plays the role of the chosen King on iGazi shared a picture of him and the Queen mother from the TV drama.
The anticipation is finally over, all you need to do from now on is stay patient as we wait to see what "Nomarussia" and "Scotho" will have up their sleeves for season 2 of iGazi.

Image Credit: Instagram