Idols SA winner Noma Khumalo is at her wits' end over a fake Facebook page that has been making her life "a living nightmare" with posts that have raised eyebrows.

The fake Facebook page set up in her name has garnered has over 74,000 likes and has been sharing posts that are "tainting her brand".
From pornographic posts to fake record label announcements, the page has been filled with false information pretending to be from Noma.
"This person is making my life a living nightmare," Noma told Drum magazine.
The singer said she was extremely upset over the posts the culprit behind the page was sharing.
"This person has shared some pornographic pictures and videos using my name and I am very upset. They have also been posting pictures of watermelons and things that are not career-related, why would someone do such a thing?," she added.
Here's some of the posts being shared on the page: