Dr Maling has been working hard since his first hit over three years ago. Although his success has translated into money, cars and houses he often gushed about on social media, there’s still one thing he wants so bad. “I want an award but I’m not desperate,” says Dr Malinga.

Dr Malinga says it doesn’t matter which award ceremony it is, he just wants to win Song of the Year for his hit record, Akulaleki.

“As much as I know that I’m successful, you know, because success is something else, I don’t have to have a Lamborghini to show you that I’m successful, I know where I come from. But I wish to have an award,” he said.

“Guys I want an award but I’m not desperate hence I’m doing nice music and then one person will decide on their own that am I worth it or not because at the end of the day you can canvas but it takes an individual in their corner to say he deserves it.”