Not many people of the younger generation can say they had the privilege to have a conversation with Nelson Mandela. Those who did, often tell how they shared with him their dreams. One of those few lucky ones is Dineo Moeketsi only difference is she was entirely truthful with the legend. “I lied to Nelson Mandela,” reveals Dineo Moeketsi.

In an interview on Trending SA, the actress revisited to the time she knew she wanted to be an actress despite her grandmother’s wish for her to be a magistrate. Although she knew that she wanted to be a singer, upon meeting Nelson Mandela, she told a different story.

“The day my mother interviewed Nelson Mandela, rest his soul, I lied to him and said I wanted to be a lawyer,” Dineo said with a naughty smile on her face.

Well, she might have lied but at least she knew what she wanted and she went on to do great things not as a lawyer or magistrate but a seasoned actress and singer on the rise.