Bishop Mathole responded on behalf of Grace Bible after media personality Somizi stormed out of church in an outrage after a guest-speaker Bishop Dag Hewitt-Mills, made homophobic slurs that had the Soweto church in an uproar this past Sunday.
Bishop Mathole said the church do not agree with some of the statements made by Hewitt-Mills.
“Those were the views of Bishop Dag Hewitt-Mills and not of Grace Bible church. We welcome everyone, we do not discriminate, whether you are black, gay, white or orange, we welcome you. That is why gay people attend our church.”
Bishop Mathole went on to says that they are happy the topic is out in the open for people to discuss, “We are glad that people are starting to talk about homosexuality so that we can reach a place of acceptance without hate speech.”
“Gay people do not need our endorsement.” Bishop Mathole added.