A ZIMBABWEAN teenage girl has reportedly won a $2 000 lawsuit against her 32-year-old ex-lover for deflowering and ditching her, after previously having promised to marry her.
According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, Nataly Madziwa (19) sued Joel Moyo for breaching his promise.
In her lawsuit, Madziwa initially demanded at least $8 000 in seduction damages, saying her chances of marriage were now slim as she had lost her virginity and was pregnant.
Madziwa claimed she only discovered that Moyo was already married when she fell pregnant.
A Nehanda Radio report quoted Madziwa as saying that the development made her feel humiliated among her peers and in her community.
The magistrate awarded the complainant $2000 for the damages, as Moyo agreed with the case against him, Madziwa's lawyer said.