KAY claimed he didn’t get Zookey pregnant – but the DNA test was positive!

That was the latest shot fired in a war between Khumbulani “Kay” Sibiya (29) and his ex sugar mama, former Gagasi FM presenter Zukiswa “Zookey Zarling” Vuthela (40).
He has denied he’s the dad since 2014, but DNA results prove him guilty as charged.
The Uzalo actor, who plays Ayanda Xulu, was handed the DNA test results done late last year.
The two parties also appeared in the Ntuzuma Magistrates Court on Wednesday for a defamation case opened by Zookey. This after Zookey opened the case claiming Kay defamed her after the DNA proved he was the father.
Sunday Sun is in possession of the DNA results.
Two years ago, the People’s Paper reported that the two had an affair, which resulted in Zookey falling pregnant in 2014.
This, despite her attempt to use contraceptives. There was also a claim that a condom had burst during sex.
At the time, Sunday Sun was one of the newspapers to have reported that Kay asked Zookey to abort. His stated reason was that he was in a serious relationship with someone else.
Sources close to the situation said although the results proved the child’s paternity, Kay still refused to take responsibility.
One source said: “He’s going to appeal the DNA results. He doesn’t believe they’re legit.
“On Wednesday, Kay fought with a man who had come to deliver the results.
“I think Kay is afraid he’ll lose his long-term girlfriend. He’s been denying that he slept with Zookey, or even dated her,” the mole claimed.
Another source added that Zookey was over the moon after the DNA result proved Kay was the father.
“She’s excited because he’s been bashing her and insulting her for sleeping with younger partners.
“She’s also happy because Kay’s family was on his side, denying her claims that they dated and had sex.
“Zookey has been through a lot and I think it’s time for Kay to take responsibility for his actions,” the source said.
Zookey said: “I agreed to do the DNA test as I wanted to prove that he was lying. I’ve opened a case of defamation of character against him because he was all over the news playing the victim.
“I’ll tell it all in my book to be published next month.”
When called for comment, Kay said: “How did you get hold of that document? It’s a private matter. It’s either a government official or she (Zookey) is the one who gave it to you. I’ve nothing to say to you.”