So its not surprising that Sbu was amongst hundreds of people at the 2017 ANC birthday celebrations over the weekend.
The Indlela Yam' hitmaker took to the streets of Orlando, Soweto on Sunday to promote his energy drink, handing out cans of MoFaya to passing motorists who were in town for the ANC celebrations being held at the Orlando Stadium.

Posting a video of himself handing out cans to a busy crowd on Vilakazi street, Sbu opened up about not accepting boundaries or fears.

"The hustle is real my brothers and sisters. Entrepreneurship knows no boundaries. Entrepreneurship knows no ego," he wrote.
The DJ caused a heated social media debate last year when he was accused of "hijacking" the 2016 ANC birthday celebrations rally, after he posted several pictures of himself with top brass ANC officials holding MoFaya.
Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral shortly after the incident, Sbu brushed off the criticism and said that he had been invited to market the drink at the rally.
"When you've got a brand and you don't have a marketing budget, which I don't, we always sit down as a team and we look at all the prominent events that are happening in the country. And we want to see ourselves there. You take advantage of either: I get a booking there, or I pull my team along and we go an activate at a place," he added.