THEY tied the knot in a Greek-style wedding.
But now their union is getting looser.

These allegations are made by Sunday Sun sources who say
legendary house DJ Christos Katsaitis and his wife of many years, Tebogo Katsaitis, have called it quits.
And they are now living apart, say showbiz figures.
Rumour has it the house DJ has a new house, and a new squeeze to keep him warm on cold nights.
As for the gorgeous Tebogo, she’s allegedly going it alone.
One source told the People’s Paper Tebogo has deleted online photos where she is with her husband.
The showbiz mole went on: “It doesn’t end there. Tebogo also said she is now a former business partner at Shuguma Lounge and Christos’s record label.” 
According to our source, the couple has been going through some issues. B
 ut the informant was unsure if the situation will end in divorce.
“I think they both needed space from each other because they have been together for a while now,” said our mole.
Another source told Sunday Sun: “On the surface, they seem happy but deep down they have issues. Tebogo has been through a lot and has endured a lot.
“Tebogo was so angry at one point that she wanted to spill the beans about her marriage. Love comes with its ups and downs.
“They love each other deeply and have been through thick and thin together. Time will tell.”
When the SunTeam called
Tebogo for comment, she said: “We’re still together.”
When asked why Christos had moved out, she said she was not willing to comment further.
Christos refused to comment, saying he doesn’t discuss his
private life in the media.