Dineo Moeketsi opens up about being body shamed. Whilst we thought Dineo was just thick, the star has come out to confesses not everyone was kind to her when it comes to her weight. Dineo reveals how the comments on her body affected her self esteem.

Dineo Moeketsi Opens Up About Being Body Shamed

In an exclusive interview with True Love Magazine, Dineo admits she was very insecure at the time and would always feel small around people.

“I was a very insecure girl; I worried about looks, body, talent and so much more. I remember one tweleb called be obese on the popular Vuzu TV show 10 Over 10. Those words stung me so badly. I couldn’t leave the house after that. What would I be leaving for? In fact I hated going to events, I didn’t feel stylish enough and felt like the smallest person in the room,” she told True Love mag.

“The harsh reality about having a low self- esteem, however is that you have to figure it out and come out of it all by yourself.”