Date My Family bachelor Leago Moleme was dragged on social media on Sunday.

Twitter was a hive of activity on Sunday after bachelor Leago Moleme appeared on the popular Mzansi Magic reality show.

Twitter couldn't get enough of Leago's quips and crazy personality, and soon filled our timelines with hilarious jokes and memes mocking the poor guy.

Here are just three incidents from last night's show that had the internet crying with laughter.
Xbox - the board game
Leago had fans rolling on the floor when he described his favourite board game as Xbox. In case you didn't know, Xbox is a popular video game console, not a game that you play around a table with your friends and family.


Lil Wayne in the house
Poor Leago was also dragged by Twitter after he called contestant Llewelyn Lil Wayne. Within minutes the US rapper was the number one trend on Twitter. Eish.

Being discreet
Leago's sexuality was under the spotlight when he claimed that he wanted to be discreet because he had not yet come out of the closet.