It's been more than a year since Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo ended their relationship and it seems the rapper is still a little unlucky in love.

The Mama I Made it star has been playing the field since his high-profile split from Boity in December 2015, and has often posted images and videos of himself on social media surrounded by girls.
It seemed to have caught up with poor Cassper, and the star was left heartbroken recently after discovering that one of his crushes had a boyfriend.
"It's been a rough day. One of my girls told me that she has a boyfriend and I was devastated by it," Cassper told his followers in an Instagram Live Story on Wednesday evening.
He further alluded to the pain of watching other people in relationships while he was still out having fun, and said that perhaps it was time for him to let go.
"It's tough because I know that I am still here in these streets. It's time for me to let go. It (the heartbreak) is going to make a great song though," Cassper said.
Fans tried to cheer him up but Cassper shut down their suggestions that he find a new girl. Instead, he gave a sermon on getting over the hurt of a breakup.
"I think in life we just let ourselves hurt too much about things that we have no control over. We just need to let things go and move on. It doesn't have to do with your ego and it doesn't determine who you are. If someone sees greater potential in someone else, that doesn't mean that you are a bad person. You are just not what they need at that present moment. The whole concept of 'b*tches come and go' - life doesn't work like that. That's not the only way to get over things," Cassper said