CHAOS broke out on the road to Cradock and on the N2 to Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape on 

Monday afternoon.The driver and his three assistants were trapped in the truck after it overturned on the R72 Nanaga intersection, outside Port Elizabeth

This after a truck carrying booze overturned on the R72 at Nanaga intersection outside Port Elizabeth.

Motorists stopped their cars and rushed to the accident scene. Sadly, no one was there to rescue the truck driver and his assistants.

Their attention was targeted at the load which they looted without any shame. They loaded their cars with cases of beer and ciders scattered all over the road. In the meantime the truck driver and his three assistants were trapped inside the truck.

They escaped by kicking out the windscreen. Luckily they only suffered minor injuries.

The driver, Sikhumbuzo Sobayeni (32), said: “We were heading towards Port Elizabeth when a VW Polo left its lane and came straight towards us. It was full of passengers and if I had not swerved I could have killed all the people inside.”

“The load was too heavy and I lost control. It landed on the side of the road.”

One of the looters told Daily Sun: “This was manna from heaven. I had babalaas after a wonderful New Year’s Day. Now I have more than five cases of beer and ciders in my car.”

Another looter said: “I arrived late but I have collected more than 15 empty crates. I have been dreaming of selling alcohol at the farm where I live.”

Police spokesman captain Andre Beetge, confirmed the incident. “The truck overturned on the road and lost its cargo. People then looted it.”