It is without a doubt that AKA and Bonang work hard and worked especially hard in 2016.
After AKA received the CRUZ Vodka deal worth millions of rands and Bonang coined it with her latest Ipanema sandals deal and the other endorsements and high-paying gigs in between, the couple can officially call themselves rich.
While the regular Joes go back to work in January, the pair is currently enjoying downtime at the Paresa holiday resort in Phuket, Thailand.
According to our calculations the holiday is worth R100 000.
The couple paid an estimated R60 000 for the return business-class flights to Phuket, R20 000 on the scenic accommodation at the resort and around R20 000 on spending.
The couple shared some pictures on social media; wining and dining under the Asian sun sipping champagne.

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