After hogging headlines for most of last week for flexing about his baecation to Phuket and Hong Kong, the rapper promised to "flex even harder".

And keeping up to his word, AKA went on a massive shopping spree and shared pictures of his designer gear just to prove his point. From Gucci wallets and sneakers to Givenchy t-shirts and Dior sunglasses, AKA didn't hold back on spending that moola.

In fact the rapper told a follower that he had dropped R80,000 in one shop. "I didn't want to have to do this .... but I spent 80k at that store today," he tweeted.
AKA went on to flex in his haters' faces.
"When other artists floss, they're 'inspirational'. I hardly do it. F**k am I supposed to do?... not live?? So there you go," he tweeted.

The rapper was called out last week by followers on social media for being a "show-off," but AKA didn't mince his words and hit back with spicy clap backs.
The Baddest hitmaker also laughed off reports that he forked out about R100,000 for his vacay, claiming that the amount didn't even cover the cost of flights.

AKA's 'Warmbaths clapback' also went viral and showed one follower the door very quickly.
"If nobody gives a f**k why is drum investigating & why are you tweeting? Just because your man took you to Warmbaths for vacay ... nxaaa," AKA said at the time