AKA is known for his witty and often spicy social media clapbacks, and the rapper once again found himself on the trends list on Wednesday for his response to a hater.

AKA is currently on holiday in Phuket with his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, but took some time out of his busy vacay schedule to hit Twitter and set a few things straight.

The rapper started by addressing a recent report by Drum magazine, claiming that he had spent an estimated R100,000 on his trip to Thailand.

AKA laughed off this figure, telling fans that the amount "doesn't even cover the (cost of the) flights".

One user was not impressed by AKA's flexing and called him out on it.

"It's so sad how you think the amount of money you spend gives you value as a person this says nothing about you ... We don't gaf," the user wrote.

Only for AKA to respond to the criticism with a pretty mean clapback.

The rapper later played down his Warmbaths comment, saying that the area is "dope", but the internet still went crazy.

Users flooded Twitter with hilarious memes and jokes poking fun at Warmbaths and AKA's comment, making "Warmbaths" one of the most talked about topics on the social media site overnight.