Did you read or hear, or see the 71-year-old man arrested at the end of a car chase after he had been caught having se_x in public? When asked to stop, the old geezer sped off, only to be caught later. Of course, no one knows what happened to his lady. What a rockstar!
When I read the story, I was turned on by the idea of the geezer, imagining how filthy he had been in his 60s and 50s. I wondered what he got away with during his 20s. Old men who look after their health to have stamina are so appealing!
People were amused by the story, and some men wondered how he gets an erection – only because they struggle to rise to the occasion at 35. Others wanted to know where he gets his energy, for all that bonking in cars and car chases. They wonder – because they lack energy, thanks to excessive food and drink.
I blame the drunk judge who smashed his car into a wall for the bad reputation old men have.
Because some old men who look after their health are yummy.
  • They’re wise,eager to teach and are gentle. Falling in love with an older man has the following advantages: Unlike a young man who wants to devour you for 10 minutes then rush to Facebook, your old man will have starters and treat you like a seven-course meal.) Your G for Geriatric is not going to spend timetrying to be famous on social media or gossiping about his conquests.) They enjoy every second of life and don’t take it or you for granted. They’ll kiss each stretch mark.) The older gentleman has the advantage of beingeager to please you, learn your tricks and teach you what they were doing in the sack in the 60s.) Your older man won’t lie about his small penis,instead will compensate without making you feel like you have been around.) Yoga, good health, exercise and humour are hispriorities, so ignore the folk who says he might dietomorrow, forgetting a truck could hit them too.) A loving old geezer will never call you and ruin your peaceful day. He’ll give you space, and willnever call you drunk – he is respectful and grateful.) An older Romeo will never ask you for a loan. Men who leach on women are ridiculous and should wear sanitary towels on Thursdays. There’s no danger of that with a geriatric geezer as your lover.
Look darlings, you have been cheated on and been lonely. Stop thinking you’re doomed. Go check out old age homes or Parliament. Old guys can only do it once a day – but take all day long to do it!