You've probably seen the posts by now: your fave talking about how she just can't live without her flat tummy tea after all that food she ate in December with a tag to the account where you can get it as well as a few fitness hashtags. 
Chances are, some of you have even bought some of these things, but what most of you do not know is that celebrities are usually paid thousands of rands to post these things and they probably don't even use them. 
If you bought a teeth whitening kit because you think that's why your face has such a pretty smile, we have news for you...
You probably should have saved that money and booked an appointment with Dr. Smile (Lex Leo) as opposed to ordering a kit from Instagram. 
Here's a list of the most widely sold items by celebrities (and influencers) on Instagram.
1. Teeth whitening kits
A well-renowned dentist, dentist Jospeh Banker, was quoted in a Fashion Times article saying, "the battery operated "at-home" kits cannot duplicate the strength of the "in-office" LED lights, so therefore, are simply not as effective." Which is why your faves need Dr. Smile. They probably even use that money they got from promoting that smile kit to pay for their dentist appointment and whatever other procedures they may have needed. 
The products also contain hydrogen peroxide which can cause sensitivity around the teeth and weaken them over time so it's best to just leave that thing to the professionals. 
2. Flat tummy tea
According to American website, Madam Noire, most of these teas usually just contain laxatives and other herbal ingredients that aid bowel movements so all you'll be doing is pooping a lot and if you do it enough, you could lose weight but you are also at risk of losing a lot more than that. 
3. Waist trainers

Although the waist trainer hype seems to have died down, there are still a few posts doing the rounds. While they may work wonders for women who have just given birth and are trying to whittle their waists back down to that pre-pregnancy state, they aren't a magic bullet that just magically flattens a fat belly. 
Health 24 warns that misusing a waist trainer could compress your organs, deform your spine and rib cage and it could restrict your breathing among a number of other dangers and side effects. 
4. Hair

This is at least one of the least dangerous things they could sell you and while supporting smaller upcoming businesses is great for the economy, buying hair from brands recommended by celebrities is safer because they usually only promote reputable retailers. 
If you buy hair promoted by a celeb, you run less risk of dealing with someone who will send you synthetic hair when they advertised human hair or someone who will just disappear with your money all together. 
5. Bikinis and other items from random boutiques 
It's like there is almost some imaginary policy that states that: if you are a celeb, you cannot wear a bikini that you a) did not buy from an insta boutique or online store and b) cannot advertise. 
However, these also seem to be a better bet as you can see how they fit on people with different body types, and again, you might not be dealing with a shady retailer so you're bound to get what you ordered or at least get some kind of replacement or refund.
Main image credit: Instagram