MZANSI singer Winnie Khumalo is a cheat, according Zimbabwean-born artist, Lyonel Siwela.
He claimed Winnie had breached the terms of their contract.
“Winnie is greedy! She’s taking advantage because I’m a foreigner,” Lyonel said. “The song was meant to be a collaboration!”
And the ditty in question is Winnie’s hit song, Lazaru, which has gone some way to lifting her fading music career.
Then Lyonel alleged the song – gaining traction on radio stations and had landed Winnie some gigs – was not hers.
The singer, presently in Zimbabwe, told Sunday Sun the tune was his despite only being credited as a featured artist.
“I have all the original versions of that song and first released it in Zimbabwe last year,” Lyonel said.
“I met Winnie early this year through producer, Bongo Beats, from Soshanguve in Pretoria. She liked the song and we agreed to collaborate on it.”
Lyonel then claimed that Winnie started ignoring his calls and blocking him across social media after the song was remade.
“Clearly, she had other plans for my song. She didn’t even write it, but she goes around taking credit for the work and doesn’t even own it,” Lyonel said.
“She blocked me on WhatsApp and does not take my calls. I regret meeting her. Winnie really betrayed me.”
A showbiz informant claimed Lyonel would not let sleeping dogs lie.
“Now Lyonel is thinking about taking legal action against the Live My Life hitmaker – for using his song and sidelining him,” the source said.
“The song was released in Zimbabwe last year. Lyonel was the lead singer.
“The collaboration was meant to be credited to Winnie and Lyonel – and not Winnie featuring Lyonel.
“She agreed to Lyonel’s terms. But when the song was released, it was clear Winnie had robbed Lyonel. She went back on her word.”
But Winnie sang a different tune when asked for comment.
“The song was given to me by Bongo Beats. I met Lyonel through Bongo Beats and they gave me the song,” Winnie said.
“I don’t own anything in that song. They own the publishing rights.”
The singer said she was working hard to get the song some attention.
“I’m pushing the song in every way possible. I’m the one going around the country promoting it.
“I have on several occasions asked him to join me ahead of time when going to perform, but he always comes up with excuses every time I call him.”