President Jacob Zuma's wife Tobeka Madida-Zuma told mourners at a packed eThekwini Community Church on Thursday that she "brushes off everything" that is said about her husband.

Madida-Zuma was speaking at the Durban memorial for gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane.
Once on stage she slammed the media for "negative stories".
"I wish our media would be patriotic and respect the dead," she said.

Madida-Zuma explained how she handles negative stories about her own husband.
"Everything that is said about the president, I brush it off."
Ncwane died suddenly on Monday after being rushed to hospital. A family spokesperson said he had kidney failure.
Madida-Zuma said that the tributes shared on social media by Ncwane's son, Mawenza made her cry.
"This showed your relationship (Sfiso's son) with your father and how good they raised you," she said.
She said that no one can predict death and told Sfiso's widow to pray for solutions.
She appealed to Ayanda to ignore any negative reporting, again taking shots at the media.
"Here's my tip: if you make front page headlines today, that paper will be in townships the next day wrapping chips. Shake off the negative energy."