WARD-WINNING actress Brenda Ngxoli has served SABC1’s Uzalo with divorce papers!
Sunday Sun sources said the actress dumped the telenovela after shooting only two scenes.
It is alleged the highly energetic actress walked out with immediate effect, leaving producers reeling in shock.
“Brenda is the type of person who fails to pretend. She reacts when things don’t go her way. That’s the case with Uzalo,” said a source.
Another source revealed Brenda was going to portray a mentally-ill woman. The source claimed her departure had forced Uzalomanagement to start searching for her replacement.
“She had already shot a few scenes, and producers had to start afresh. They had to look for a replacement and delete Brenda’s scenes,” said the showbiz mole.
Brenda currently stars in Hustle, aired on e.tv on Mondays, and plays the role of music star Kitt Khambule, who is trying to recover after being a
down-and-out druggie.
Brenda asked the SunTeam to send her questions via email.
“I know you write stories for your own benefit. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and can no longer keep quiet. Please send me an email, I’ll respond to it,” said Brenda.
A few minutes after emails were sent, Brenda tweeted: My management team and I had to put me first. I didn’t want to die poor because I forgot to love me. #Uzalo.
Another tweet followed: Without delving into personal matters for all parties involved. I started feeling like exploitation was heading 4 I said chowee @Uzalo_SABC1.
Brenda wasn’t finished.
The next tweet read: I compromised. Sleepless nights researching. Working. Committed. But at the end, I ran! Now I know producers love you when you’re a slave and stupid.
But the SunTeam’s still waiting for her answers to our emailed questions.
At the time of going to print, Uzalo’s PR team, Dream Catcher, had not responded to our emailed questions.