Thembisa Mdoda refers to her ex Atandwa Kani as her ex husband, well that’s not the case if you ask Atandwa’s current husband Fikile. ‘As far as I know, I’m his first wife,’ says Fikile Kani.

Speaking to True Love Mag, the actress admitted that it gets difficult to have to talk about Thembisa as she feels it’s not her story to tell. What she knows however is all the positivity in her marriage that she focuses on.

“I never feel awkward about it because my focus is always on my marriage and love for my husband. What bugs me is how the media portrayed our union negatively, whereas there are so many positives to it,” she told the mag.

Despite all the negative press, Fikile says she’s not worried because she’ll always be the first Mrs Kani, even Home Affairs can back her up. “As far as I know, and Home Affairs will back me up. I’m his first wife and any child Atandwa will have with me will be his first,” she said.