It seems social media cannot come to terms with the fact that Thando Thabethe was born a yellow bone. The rumors of her “using” to make herself lighter have been making rounds for a while now, but what does the actress think about the rumors? Well, Thando Thabethe claps back on skin bleaching rumors.

In an interview about celebs shading twitter, Thand clapped back at her critics. After a twitter troll tweeted their concern about Thando bleaching her skin, the actress replied by belting Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.

When another suggested that by looking at Thando for a longer period of time you can ‘see she’s actually ugly’, the star replied with, “That’s hilarious, my mom thinks I’m absolutely beautiful.”

Another one shared how they think Thando would be prettier if she gained a bit of weight, Ntando had this to say. “I think my body is thick, I go to the gym, you know for some gains,” said Thabooty. Now that’s how you clap back, kids.