"I have never actually gotten one, I don't think my friends and family are that brave to get me one," she said playfully.
Matheba was reacting to our questions on whether she owned any gadgets or not, following results of a study that showed South Africa came third of countries worldwide that purchased the most s£x toys online.
She said although her listeners usually bring up that topic on her Metro FM mid-morning show, she has never thought of getting one for herself.
Queen B, as she is affectionately known to her fans, did not rule out the possibility of getting a dildo in the future.
  "I have very interesting listeners who teach me lots of interesting stuff every day. So you never know," she said.
According to the study, the US and the UK were leading the pack in online shopping of the pleasure devices.
Member of music group 3Sum, Amstel Maboa, said: "I have a dildo because I am very experimental. S£x is something that needs to be enjoyed and we don't have to be shy about it."
The flamboyant singer said he does not use the toy on himself but has used it with his ex-partner.
"I must admit it was an experience and it's funny, guys love it," he said.
TV presenter Bujy Bikwa said he also owned a dildo two years ago although he never used it.
"I think one of my friends stole it because I wasn't using it," he said.
The giggling Bikwa said although he is single, he does not own a toy at the moment.
Rapper Nadia Nakai was shy about her experience.
"I think that is a little bit personal, so I would rather not comment," she said chuckling.
Online s£x toy store Desir Intimate Collections said it has recorded a month-on-month increase in the sales of s£x toys for couples this year.
The global s£x toy industry is valued at more than R210-billion.