Unathi Msengana, Emtee, Nathi-Bantu and other artists withdrew from their gigs at the Eastern Cape Entertainment Stars Awards on Sunday 11 December because they reportedly didn’t get paid.
Singer and Idols SA judge Unathi reached out on social media to her Eastern Cape fans to share the news after the promoter allegedly failed to pay her on time.
“I am really sorry I won’t be performing at the ECESA Music Festival on Sunday [11 December] and I won’t be hosting the ECESA Gala tomorrow night. The promoter refused to pay us any kind of deposit! I can’t do that to my band that has to feed their families too [sic].”
Eastern Cape-born star Nathi-Bantu told his fans he wouldn’t be performing either because of non-payment.
“I waited weeks for a contract and the booking deposit, but I received nothing from the promoter. My face was used in marketing of the event, which confused me the most [sic],” he said.
However, one of the event’s promoters, Mandla Makwela, said Unathi was paid on time: “We sent Unathi a screenshot of the payment confirmation, but she did not show up. I am not sure why she would say all those things. As for those who did not get their payments but were on the poster, it means they were not officially booked. I don’t know what happened with Emtee, you would have to ask the other promoter, Tazz,” Mandla said.
But, Tazz failed to answer calls after he asked to be called back.
Mandla did, however, confirm that due to a few shortfalls, very few people attended the show at Buffalo City Stadium in East London.
“I won’t lie, it was badly attended due to many reasons such as last-minute marketing and some of our sponsors not meeting their ends of the bargain, but the handful of people who did attend enjoyed themselves,” he added.
Meanwhile, Sliq Angel and MXO reportedly paid for their own transport and accommodation, and made performed without being paid a deposit.