“Daddy, I forgive you. I just wish we spent more time together, fixed our relationship, and I wish we had a father-daughter relationship,” Sfiso Ncwane’s eldest daughter sobs as she remembers her father.
In August, Nqobile Mzelemu told DRUM that her father neglected her and all she wanted was his love and attention.

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“The last time I spoke to him was in August and we were fighting. He was not happy that I exposed him. I hoped he’d eventually calm down so we could fix our relationship. I am at peace with everything,” the 18-year-old ays.
But she consoles herself with the fact that: “He was my father after all. Despite our fights, the truth is that he loved me very much. I will remember him as someone who had a good heart. I know he was proud of me. At some point, he encouraged me to study hard, look after myself then he’d buy me a car, and I will lock his encouraging wise words in my heart.”
Reminiscing about the last supper she had with her father in 2014 in Durban, Nqobile reveals: “He had gathered all five of his children to have supper with him. He told us that his intention was to introduce his children to each other. I am the eldest. The second-born is Mandisa, who is also from a previous relationship. Then it was Sduduzo Dlamini from Mthwalume, Ngcweti and Mawenza.”
Another farewell message for the late gospel superstar came from his son, Sduduzo (12,) who was with his grandfather, Mzikayise Dlamini, when he spoke to DRUM. Sduduzo also remembered the last supper with his. “He took me and my two sisters, as well as my two brothers to Wimpy in Durban. He was in a happy mood and he said we must order whatever we want. From there, we went shopping and he said we must choose whatever clothes we want. I wish we had more suppers together,” Sduduzo says.
Sfiso’s funeral will be on Saturday 10 December at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.