As the country continue to mourn Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane, many people have taken to social media to express how his music healed them in their difficult times. One of those people is Pulane who was publicly humiliated after her nudes were shared on social media back in 2015. ‘God used him to save my life,’ Pulane on Sfiso Ncwane.

Taking to twitter, Pulane shared how Sfiso’s hit song ‘Kulungile Baba’ helped save her life. “I remember last year when I felt like the world was closing in on me, and I played that “Kulungile baba” song, and then I would start getting these overwhelming feeling,of not knowing wether to cry or to smile, because I would feel this Holy Spirit coming over me,” she tweeted.

Pulane says she also got a chance to meet Sfiso but was too overwhelmed to tell him how God sent him to save her. “I would like to say THANK YOU, to SFISO NCWANE for this, though he didn’t know God used him to save my life through that song, I met him last year, but I could not say what I needed to say cause, I didn’t wanna get all emotional on him, even though we spoke briefly,” she wrote.