Pearl Modiadie has been spotted without her engagement ring for a while now.
For weeks, fans have been wondering if there’s more to the story. Well, if you’re been asking why Pearl no longer wears her ring, she has just cleared the air.
The TV and radio personality revealed on her show, Metro FM’s “The Great Escape”, that her engagement is off.

After hearing the news, fans took to social media to express their shock, with some even comforting Pearl.

One fan told Pearl on Twitter that she was looking forward to the wedding. Pearl replied: “Me too my love. Life happens…”

Pearl also recently tweeted that life was different this time last year.

The talk show host got engaged in December last year. Her man proposed while they were on vacation.

Last month, Pearl did an interview with True Love and was asked about her engagement. She told the publication that she would rather not say anything “at the moment”.
“Right now I can’t. At a later stage I’ll reveal everything. I’m fine though. It isn’t because of work that I’m not wearing the engagement ring either because work would never have such a great influence on that part of my life.”
She also added that she would speak about it all at the right time.
Image credit: Instagram/pearlmodiadie