WHEN people saw a truck overturning, they ran to see what was on the back.

Perhaps Father Christmas had organised them an early Christmas, they thought. Perhaps the truck would be loaded with potatoes, mealie-meal or even chocolates.

But disappointment soon set in!

The truck was carrying heavy stones.

So the people and motorists walked away and left the workers to reload the truck with all the heavy stones.

As a result there was a huge traffic jam on the R28 to Westonaria in the direction of Vereeniging, Gauteng.

There was no alternative road for cars and taxis and the drivers were forced to wait patiently for the traffic officers controlling the traffic.

The driver of the truck told Daily Sun: “I was coming from the old Venterspost mine and was going to Cooke 4 shaft, to deposit these stones.

“The truck was heavy. The robot was green. When I went round the corner the truck overturned. I said a short prayer but a few minutes later I was lying on the ground at the side of the road.”

He said the Westonaria traffic officers were helpful and made sure he wasn’t hurt and also gave him some counselling.

A pedestrian next to the road, Nome Sondaka, said: “I came running hoping the truck would be loaded with potatoes but there were only stones inn it.”

Bekkersdal police spokeswoman, Linki Lefakane, said: “No case was opened or registered and no injuries were reported.”