Oh no! Cassper’s brand new car vandalized. What was meant to be one of his best nights turned into one sad night the rapper won’t forget anytime soon. Cassper took to twitter explaining how his new car got vandalized explaining that it’s the reason he never show off his wealth on social media anymore.

“I’m in the club celebrating hard work and someone calls me saying they found someone keying my brand new car. Mara why do have to do this?, he tweeted. Cassper says he has worked hard the whole to stay out of trouble and then something like this happens to him.

The rapper sounds discouraged on whether justice will be served on whoever vandalized his car. “When I think about how many times I’ve come to the police station to report a crime and nothing ever happens. Had a gun to my face 1s and (nothing).”

What a rough week it has been for the star. Hopefully this time, justice will be served.