THESE magoshas have upped their game to beat the festive season slump in business.

The women from Manguang have decided to attract clients with big bank balances by visiting fancy night clubs and taverns dressed in short, sexy skirts. One magosha said men loved women who looked good and she had invested R4 000 in new dresses and hair to make decent money for the lean month of January.

The SunTeam caught up with the four women at a club in Bloemfontein on Monday and men were throwing themselves at them.

One magosha (33) said: “We have been working on the street for the past two years.

“We realised every festive season, business is slow and we suffer. We thought about the problem and decided if the money isn’t coming to us, we’ll go to it. I took R4 000 from my savings to improve my wardrobe and we started visiting fancy clubs and taverns at the beginning of the month. It’s paid off as I’ve been making good money.”

Another magosha said she had made R8 000 in five days.

“I talk to men while we’re dancing and tell them we can have a quick poke without everyone noticing. I have been charging R400 for a quick one,” she said.

Another magosha said: “We have to be careful to make sure club owners don’t know what we’re doing. We could be banned if our cover is blown.”