After many times of doging the question of whether he paid lobola for Nomzamo or not, gospel singer Khaya Mthethwa was put on the spot in an interview with Pearl Modiadie on Zaziwa. Khaya Mthethwa speaks on those Nomzamo lobola rumors.

Speaking to Pearl, Khaya says he has avoided to speak about her relationship with Nomzamo because by the time it ended families were involved.

“Once families are involved , it becomes difficult. Out of respect, I would always rather say, I’d rather not talk about it because of the way I’ll look at the situation, and the way they’ll look at the situation. Like I said earlier on, it’s easy to just throw shade and harder to take responsibility,” Khaya said.

The singer however admitted that he could’ve done better in his relationship with Nomzamo. “I could have done better…. with the whole mishmash it was a disaster the way it looked.”

We’re not sure if this confirms that something happened or is happening with between him and his ex Nomzamo’s former BFF Jessica Nkosi.