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#IfMalemaWasPresident ‘lobola will be refundable’ trends on Twitter

More specifically‚ they imagined what the firebrand leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters‚ Julius Malema‚ would do if he took office in the Union Buildings.
#IfMalemaWasPresident trended on Twitter with some people weighing in with serious policy changes‚ some were frivolous‚ and others just nasty.
According to supporters‚ the cost of data would come down‚ e-tolling would be scrapped‚ local manufacturing would be supported‚ and poor service delivery tackled. There would also be some adjustments to the practice of paying for a bride.

Vusi Mahlangu foresaw an extension of the EFF’s reclamation of resources campaign and a whites-only enclave in the Karoo being shut down.
Jerry Mpiana ‏@JerryMpiana predicted a secession battle.
Bad guy ‏@IamLungile‚ is clearly not a fan‚ and suggested Juju was well-versed in the art of double-speak.
‏@Maile_gee suggested that Malema would appoint his sworn enemy‚ the president of the African National Congress Youth League‚ to protct him.
‏@giftgift97 didn’t quite see the light side of the hashtag.