More specifically‚ they imagined what the firebrand leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters‚ Julius Malema‚ would do if he took office in the Union Buildings.
#IfMalemaWasPresident trended on Twitter with some people weighing in with serious policy changes‚ some were frivolous‚ and others just nasty.
According to supporters‚ the cost of data would come down‚ e-tolling would be scrapped‚ local manufacturing would be supported‚ and poor service delivery tackled. There would also be some adjustments to the practice of paying for a bride.

Vusi Mahlangu foresaw an extension of the EFF’s reclamation of resources campaign and a whites-only enclave in the Karoo being shut down.
Jerry Mpiana ‏@JerryMpiana predicted a secession battle.
Bad guy ‏@IamLungile‚ is clearly not a fan‚ and suggested Juju was well-versed in the art of double-speak.
‏@Maile_gee suggested that Malema would appoint his sworn enemy‚ the president of the African National Congress Youth League‚ to protct him.
‏@giftgift97 didn’t quite see the light side of the hashtag.