GOSPEL star Sfiso Ncwane’s mum collapsed after she received news of her son’s death on Monday.
According to Sfiso’s sister, Gugu (41), they received a call about her brother’s ill health after his performance in Limpopo on Sunday.
“We were told he was feeling weak and was rushed to hospital.”
She said her brother was fine when he left for Limpopo.
“But when he got on stage, he couldn’t perform well.
“We thought he was going to be fine.
“None of us expected him to die.”
When the SunTeam went to Sfiso’s house in Emalangeni on the south coast of KZN, shocked neighbours and relatives were already gathered there.
The Kulungile Baba hitmaker’s sister said their mum, Fikile, was rushed to a doctor after she suffered from shock.
Neighbour Pinani Mndaweni (41) praised Sfiso for putting their area on the map.
“He lifted our disadvantaged area.
“He was our hero and a good inspiration to our children.”
Another neighbour, Nokuthula Ngubo (47), said they heard of the gospel star’s death on the radio.
“I couldn’t believe it.
“That’s why I came here.
“I can’t explain how I feel right now.
“I still can’t believe our Sfiso is gone forever.”