As if we needed another reason to love award winning actress Brenda Ngxoli, she goes on to show she’s just as petty as she is a talented actress. Proud village girl Brenda Ngxoli wants to name her pigs after her haters.

Brenda has been living a simple life as a rural girl for a while now. One of her pigs just gave birth and what better way to remember the little pigs than name them after your haters?

“Whenever abantu bendigezela…esp Abe Industry ndivela ndithule (wathi uMama uboThula Mandlangisa .One day inyani izovela)…. ndibe ndisazi: “cant wait to get home ndizothiya these Haters after my Pigs!!! As nibona andizuthiya heehaaaaa!,
” she captioned a photo of the animal addition to her family.

Now that’s savage!