One of the things we love about Boity is how she is authentically herself in every sense of the word. The sexy actress who is also a real life traditional healer took to twitter to discuss how the community has tried to define love and her views on polygamy. ‘I’m willing to discuss it with a future partner,’ Boity on polygamy.

“So say you find one who has ALL the qualities you have ever wanted in a partner. They treat incredibly well, make you happy, etc…And the “perfect” partner happens to have another partner. And s/he is honest about this to you. What do you do?,” Boity posed a question on twitter.

Boity feels that if the one you love finds qualities that they love in another being other than you, it does not make you the wrong partner. “If love is our natural state of being, isn’t the idea of loving just one person completely unnatural if not impossible?,” she asked.

As for her, Boity says she not against having the conversation of having more than one lover with her future partner. “I still have a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer to this. Real talk. For now…I‘m willing to discuss it with a future partner.”