7 TV series you need to start watching ASAP

Watch this if you love: Witty humour and characters who are super flawed, but loveable.
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Him and Her

A gross, no-holds-barred look at relationships that will make you laugh, groan and also feel a bit better about your own life. Described as a comedy that looks at life in its “messy, everyday glory”, Steve, Becky and their rather strange group of friends and family will have you in stitches.
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Watch this if you love: Dry British comedy and shows like Gavin and Stacey.
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Black Mirror

If you love conspiracy theories, sci-fi and anything to do with technology, you’ll love this show. It’s an anthology series (every episode has a different cast and plot) that is basically a modern, British re-working of The Twilight Zone. The stories will give you a sense of techno-paranoia and will play on your insecurities about the modernised world we live in. Fair warning though – each episode is incredibly intense and there may be some triggering imagery.  This is an intense show, similar to the sci-fi teens’ series Stranger Things. Here is a stranger things quiz to know more about it.
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Watch this if you love:  Anything to do with conspiracy theories or if you were hooked on Stranger Things earlier this year.
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Yes, this is yet another comedy about a couple, but it’s completely brilliant. It stars Irish actress Sharon Horgan and American actor Rob Delaney as a couple who get pregnant after having sex A LOT during the course of their one week fling and decide to give their relationship a try. This show is hilarious and the conversations between the two main characters are so witty and charming that you’ll be very sad that there are only two seasons of the show so far.
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Watch this if you love: Romantic comedies that don’t play into all the tropes.
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A Netflix Original series about the loves and lives of Mickey and Gus. At first, Mickey seems like a manic pixie dream girl and Gus is just another nice guy who’s always been unlucky in love. But then you get to see that these two characters are so much more than you first thought. It’s also a great look at modern dating and relationships and was co-created by Judd Apatow who brought us movies like Knocked Up and This Is 40.
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Watch this if you love: Shows like Girls and if you're not afraid of cringe comedy.
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Man Seeking Woman

Jay Baruchel’s comedic skills are on point in this show about a man looking for love in the strangest of places. It’s a rather surreal (seriously, one of his girlfriends has a Japanese penis monster for a friend and his sister set him up with an actual troll), unique look at love and relationships.  It’s got that guy-looking-for-love thing going on but does it in such a refreshing way that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Image: FXX
Watch this if you love: A bit of dark, surreal humour like Scott Pilgrim VS The World (yes, I know it’s a movie).
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My Mad Fat Diary

This show, set in the late ‘90s, is simply brilliant in its acknowledgement of the struggles of not only being a teenager but being a fat teen. Even if you’re in your mid-20s and mostly over your awkward years, this show is still highly relatable as it talks about the relationships between people, what it’s like to have a massive, nerve-wracking crush on someone, the struggles of mental illness and what it’s like when your body doesn’t look like that of the models in those glossy mags.
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Watch this if you love: Shows like Misfits and Suburgatory - and also if you don’t mind watching a show about teens.
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