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Thanks to some weird antics and unsolicited interactions, scrolling through your News Feed can be more of a nuisance than a pleasure these days.

I’ve been online for years and there are still some things I just cannot grasp about social media. I’m hoping I’m not the only one that struggles to comprehend the following FB trends:

1. People who like their own posts.

Five minutes after posting it. I have liked something I’m tagged in but I’m not into liking something I’ve posted about myself. Maybe I’ve missed something here?

2. People who like their own memories.

I understand sharing them. I’m a bit lost on liking your own memory (which you originally liked when posting the first time).

3. Direct messages.

When you don’t react or comment to someone’s post and they send it to you in a direct message. Now I know you’ve seen me read it and I have to say something.

4. People that post long videos to your timeline.

I have to say goodbye to my data to watch a video someone else thought I’d find amusing. For the record, they were wrong (and now I’m low on data).

5. Being added to a group on Facebook without your permission.

Because we don’t get enough of that with Whatsapp? Invite by all means, but please don’t add me to something you feel strongly about (and wrongly assume I will too).

6. Fake introverts.

People that post updates regularly on how proud they are to be antisocial but make every one of their posts public. Telling people how you don’t like people (every few hours) while on social media is a little ironic.

7. Random friend requests.

Especially from people whom you’ve never met, never seen, never spoken to, but share one mutual friend with.

8. Miserable expats.

When someone has emigrated but finds the time to post links to every bit of negative news they can find happening in the country they left. And then tag numerous people still living in the country with “have you SEEN this”.

9. Posting poor quality photos.

I mean photos that are really badly taken. Photos that are so blurry I’m not sure if I’m looking at an ultrasound or something from out of space. Oh…wait a minute, it is just a tipsy selfie. I know we all take a slightly out of focus snap now and again but not many of us make it our profile pic.

10. The collectors.

Family and friends who collect likes/comments/birthday wishes like stamps. They never reciprocate (you wonder if they are ever online except to post about themselves). When you stop liking or commenting on their posts (or you don’t visit FB for a few days), they unfriend you. Still a bit confused on that one.

11. The actual fact that a family member can unfriend you.

Still not 100% sure how not commenting on a cousin’s posts can lead to an unfriending. I mean, you can share a grandmother and a lifetime of memories growing up, but the moment you don’t gush over their photos, goodbye!

12. People that have nothing nice to say.

If you don’t like something that is fine, but don’t leave a snarky comment just because you feel mean. Also, ask if you don’t understand a picture or post. Leaving question marks and “DON’T GET IT” won’t warm anyone to you.

Which odd traits do you fail to understand on Facebook? What annoys you the most when logging on?