Zoleka Mandela is officially off chemotherapy which she has been undergoing for the past few months.

Taking to Instagram recently Zoleka revealed that after 133 days, her chemo sessions was "permanently discontinued".
Zoleka has been fighting a renewed cancer scare when she her breast cancer returned earlier this year.
Even though Zoleka has been taken off chemo, she still has to continue with a hormone therapy injection.
"I've been put on Femara (a hormone blocker) to treat hormone receptor positive Breast Cancers like mine, this means that Estrogen is responsible for making the cancer cells in my body grow faster," she explained.
The side-affect of the injection means that Zoleka can only fall pregnant in five to ten years time, as getting pregnant will affect the recurrence of the cancer.
"This hurts my soul. I'm still digesting it all, receiving the news earlier today was completely unexpected but it could have been worse ... I'm already on the next chapter of my journey and I feel like I haven't quite turned the last page just yet! No!"
Zoleka added that she's confident that this is not how her story ends and that she will get pregnant when the time is right.