Songstress Zahara was left flabbergasted to learn about a muthi shop in Benoni, which appears to be using her name to attract customers.

The store, which is called Zahara's Muthi Shop, has reportedly been attracting a flock of male fans because of its name.
When contacted by TshisaLIVE about the shop, Zahara said she was shocked to learn about it.
"This is so wrong. I knew nothing about it," she said.
The Loliwe hitmaker found the entire situation incredibly bizarre and shocking. "I definitely have nothing to do with this shop. As a Christian woman I would never be associated with a muthi shop or anything to do with muthi," she added.
Zahara added that she would get her team to investigate immediately and vowed to take action. "This shop needs to remove my name or I will shut it down," she said.
Speaking to Daily Sun the shop's owner was adamant that the name has nothing to do with the songstress.
"People must not think I’m using Zahara the singer as fronting," the owner apparently told the paper.
However, according to the publication, people still flock to the store in support of their icon.